I went to Joshua Tree National Park, Idyllwild Mountain, and La Jolla for a one week field trip with multi-disciplinary students from Tama Art University, Japan. During the term as a group, we searched California ecologies and analyzed the insights, furthermore we designed the proposal of the space to reset at ArtCenter, inspired by healing aspects of nature. 
Work Credits: Rico Kato, Ayaka Kaizu, Seinosuke Kuroda, Jungmin Lee
Our project was about Planet Ma, or PLAMA, where ArtCenter students can find their space between self and nature (Ma in Japanese), and release one's gravity of academic pressure by healing outdoor. We produced the programs, such as open kitchen, footbath, playground, bonfire, nap, with self kits, app, illustration, motion, and posters for the final presentation.

Outdoor food kit (Foam, acrylic, gouache, magnet, cloth, paper, yarn)

Plama App Interface (App System by Rico Kato, Illustration by Jungmin Lee)

Made with Procreate and Photoshop

Midterm Presentation at Japan House, Hollywood, Los Angeles

<Making Process>

Playground kit ideation (Air-dry clay, acrylic, gouache, straw, human figure)

Thank you very much for supports and guides of Professor James Meraz, Andy Gutierrez, TA Jess Ziman, and great classmates.
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