I shared my memories, dreams, and stories with my family with printmaking, such as Etching, Aquatint, Chine collé to illustrate my younger sister with falling leaves from a tree, Found photos of the young father, Soft ground sharing a scene of a cozy home, 
two and silkscreen to tell a story of lost homes of coyotes and building homes for human, and lastly, the woodblock, silkscreen, and Xerox copy collages to depict the dream stage.

9” x 12”, Etching, Aquatint, Chine Colle on Pescia
9” x 12”, Brown ink, Photo Plate and Chine Colle on Pescia
Found leaves, bubble plastics, cardboards, sand papers
11” x 15”, 2 color layers of Silkscreen on Bristol, watercolor ink
22” x 30”, Woodblock, 4 color layers of Silkscreen on Pescia, Xerox copy collage
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