Jangsu-dong Ginkgo Tree, Photographed by my dad, Bumtaek Lee

5 multi-channel audio, video projection (9 minute) 
When I was around 8 years old, my father told us “let’s go to see a big, old tree,” and one destination was the Jangsu-dong Ginkgo Tree (The name followed by the town). I didn’t fully know that my father wanted to visit the tree when he faced difficulty in his life.
This project consists of my attempts to revisit the tree from a distance, the use of Google Earth, online search, photographs, videos and voice calls gathered by father, mother
and grandparents, as well as how I remember. During the voice call, there was a conversation about their experiences, feelings on site, and meanings about the tree.
Thank you very much for supports and guides of Professor David Schafer, TA Jean-Paul Miller, Ash Behshid and great classmates.
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